RE Day

RE Day

We had recently been told that there was a second R.E. day (probably because of the success from the first!) which included a visit from two Muslim men, two Christian men and an ex-soldier. We were all excited to find out more about both sides of war and why we have them, and also to broaden our understanding of different people’s lifestyles and beliefs.

Our day began with watching a war documentary in the theatre about Afghanistan, and why we fight wars and the causes. It was very interesting to get a brief insight about war.

After the presentation we all went off according to our timetables where we got to meet lots of different people. Our class got to meet Tom first. Tom was an ex-soldier who left this January; he had started up a business and is now an ambassador for ‘Help For Heroes’. We got to ask him any questions we wished, which turned out to be very interesting. At the end of period 2 we got to see 7 of his lovely medals, including an MBE from the Queen!

On to period 3, where we had a class debate about whether war was right or wrong, and if there are other options to it.  Mrs Shuttleworth helped us to let out our enthusiastic side! The class was split evenly into two different groups, one “for,” and one “against”. This was, shall we say, “interesting”! Even pupils who were picked to be on the other side of the argument than their opinion coped well and managed to find reasons!

During our fourth period we had a talk from Imam (a Muslim minister). It was very interesting to learn about his life, e.g. praying, lifestyle, food, wedding and lots more. We learnt about what was forbidden to do, and the reason they held their beliefs. It was good because we got to ask him questions about anything. He said people sometimes see him and are stereotypical, because of what other people assume, so it was great to learn from each other. He told us about some of his traditions like the walk to Makah.

At the last period we enjoyed another lovely presentation from Tom (as some had missed out); he talked about how he helps people and about charities we can donate to, also about personal memories and injuries from going to war. Tom was diagnosed with PTSD and seizures; he described seizures as “hearing things and seeing things like it’s happening again.“ At the end of the day we asked more questions. We left the theatre happy and sad to say goodbye to a fun filled, educational day!

To Summarise the day it was amazing and interesting with lots of good memories to take away with us.

Lewis & Katie