Stepping Up Day – Wednesday 2nd December

As you know, the next few months are vitally important for your son/daughter’s education and we are keen to support their preparation for their mock examinations beginning on the 6th January in a variety of different ways. We are therefore holding our annual ‘Stepping Up’ day on Wednesday, 2nd December, which will be the start of the ongoing revision process. There is an introduction for all Year 12 and 13 students in the Common Room during afternoon registration followed by a session on learning styles and revision techniques during Year 12 PSHE on Thursday.


Our ‘Stepping Up’ events are intended to provide a clear focus on the requirements for A*-C and A*-A grades in the subjects your son/daughter has chosen, along with research-led advice into the best ways to revise and prepare for examinations. Students will be issued with a revision pack containing revision cards, post-it notes, highlighters and guide to coping with the pressures of exams.


Our ‘Stepping Up’ day is just the start of the revision process; there will be regular follow up sessions to embed the techniques learnt on the day.  We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that weekly revision sessions continue to be offered to all students in all of their chosen subjects.


Thank you for your continued support in ensuring your son/daughter makes the most of every opportunity to revise and prepare for their mock examinations. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


DOWNLOAD: Stepping Up Day Presentation