Tudor Grange Success at CIPFA Sixth Form Games

CIPFA Games 22Jun16


On Wednesday 22nd June seven Year 12 students from Tudor Grange Redditch entered the CIPFA Sixth Form Games held at the University of Birmingham. Competition was fierce with four other schools taking part in the event. The team, led by Callum Wright, included Mia Alborghetti, Amy Joseph, Adorna Binu, Lucy Reynolds, Becky Douglas and Wiktoria Faron. The game, devised and run by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), is intended to help fill a gap in Business Studies courses which concentrate on commercial activities and often do not cover the public sector in any way. The team were mentored during their day by a qualified CIPFA accountant who advised them on all aspects of what proved to be a daunting but exciting experience.

The students each took on the role of part of the Board of directors and were tasked with juggling the relationship between reducing Stead Home’s financial budget by £9 million over two years against the needs of their stakeholders . They presented their proposal as a written report and a formal presentation to CIPFA volunteers who took their role play incredibly seriously! As in real life, they were interrupted by a number of tasks (such as an angry Trade Union rep and the local press responding on behalf of an elderly resident) which had to be dealt with immediately by attending meetings, writing letters and issuing press releases.

All Tudor Grange students pulled together and worked really hard during the day to secure victory for their school team, taking away from the experience an insight into the world of public finance, but also a real understanding of how management can face daily pressure of making key decisions under tight timescales, changing targets and at times, fierce opposition. Callum Wright also won special recognition for his contribution during the day. Teacher Mrs James said “I am incredibly proud once again of our Business students here at Tudor Grange. They showed excellent skills working together as a team to lead the school to victory”