GCSE Result Day 2017



Alex Stronach & Fin Jones
Alex Stronach & Fin Jones

Tudor Grange Academy Redditch students are celebrating again this year despite the introduction of tough new specifications in English and mathematics. Both subjects have seen an increase in the government’s standard pass grade (4 and above, this is the grade students must achieve to ensure that they are not required to continue to study English and maths post-16).

English improved their performance with 5% more students achieving this benchmark than achieved C grade and above last year at TGAR.

Maddie Hollis, Ellen Heaselgrave and Kate Hunter
Emma, Ellen and Kate
8A*/As, 7A*/As and 6A*/As

Maths performed particularly well, seeing an 8% increase in students achieving the threshold of 4+ with 100% of students sitting the higher paper achieving grades 4-9 and 20% achieving the top grades of 8/9.

There have been some absolutely fantastic achievements with 96% of all students in Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) achieving an A*-C grade. 40% of all triple science students achieved A*/A and 50% of Physics students achieved A*/A. This follows on from our previous year’s success in Science.

Oliver Newton Coombs
Oliver Newton Coombs

To add to this achievement, over 25% of the Year 11 cohort secured A*/A (or numerical equivalent) grades across their GCSE subjects with superb performances from Alex Stronarch 9A*/As, Oliver Newton Coombs 9A*/As, Emma Jacobs 8 A*/As, Ellen Heaselgrave 7 A*/As, Ethan Rhodes 6A*/As, Faith Mowat 6A*/As, Kate Hunter 6A*/As, Maddie Hollis 6A*/As, Finley Jones 6A*/As and Rebecca Newby 6A*/As.

There were also some superb achievements in individual subjects, with 100% of students achieving A*/A in Portuguese and A*-C in Music and Urdu and 88% of students achieving an A*-C grade in Drama.

Mrs Jodie Bolter said, “We are extremely proud of our students and their achievements and to see improvements across English and maths is really pleasing despite the new tough specifications. Our improved results are a testament to all the hard work the students and staff have put in. We are looking forward to continuing to build on this success next year.”