An intergenerational look at modern technology


Students have been teaching residents at a Sanctuary Care home in Redditch about the benefits of using Smartphone technology, from browsing the internet to using social media.

Students teaching residents at a Sanctuary Care home in Redditch
Students teaching residents at a Sanctuary Care home in Redditch
As part of Sanctuary Care’s ‘Technology in Care Homes’ month of activities, the team at Brambles Residential Care Home in Headless Cross invited students from the town’s Tudor Grange Academy along to talk to residents about technology that they love to use.

For many residents at Brambles, Smartphones can seem daunting, but armed with their beloved mobiles the students have been giving them a helping hand, showing them how easy they are to use and how much information is available at the touch of a button.

When 18-year-old student Laura Quarterman started showing resident Denise Smith apps on her mobile, Denise said: “It all looks very confusing. It is bewildering and you are almost afraid to use it!”

Very quickly Laura is showing Denise how to use Google to explore things which interest her. They search for Denise’s first school, which gets them reminiscing about school days and school dinners.

Then they start to explore You Tube and Laura finds Dame Vera Lynn’s White Cliffs of Dover to play to her.

The pair browse everything from popular holiday destinations to restaurant menus, with Laura also showing Denise how to catch up television programmes you have missed.

The students also show the residents how to use Snapchat, send emails, look through their favourite photographs and play games, as well as explore different apps such as one to teach you Spanish.

Fiona Morsy, the home’s activities leader said: “Intergenerational projects like this are amazing for helping our residents to embrace new technology, especially technology that they may have initially been nervous about using. Our residents found it really interesting and cannot wait for the students to come back again.”

Martha James – the academy’s Head of Business and IT said of the visit: “Before Christmas we created an outreach project for the sixth formers as part of their enrichment and an element of that was to build links with the local community, which started with a carol service here.

“This is building on that project and on the relationship we have with this care home. Showing the residents mobile phones and how to use them can help to make them more aware of something that we take for granted but maybe new to some of them.”