Charging Remission Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities can make towards students’ all round educational experience and their personal and social development:


2 Charging

2.1 The Governing Body reserves the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the Academy:


  • School trips and residentials held in school time: the board and lodging element of any residential or outdoor education programme.
  • Activities held outside school time: the full cost for each student of journeys, trips and residential fees in the UK and abroad which take place during evenings, weekends and holidays, where these are deemed to be optional extras.
  • Personal instrumental/vocal tuition: the full cost for each student of instrumental or other musical tuition provided by specialist teachers as an optional extra outside the standard music curriculum.
  • Materials: the cost of ingredients or raw materials used by students to make food or technology products where the product will be the property of the student.
  • Acts of vandalism or negligence: part or all of the cost of repairs or replacement for loss or damage to buildings or equipment where this is the result of vandalism or negligence by one or more students.
  • Examination fees: part or all of the cost of entry for an examination, either where the Academy has not been responsible for teaching/preparing the student for the examination or where the Academy considers the examination unsuitable for the student or where the student fails to complete all of the requirements for the examination without evidence of good reason, such as a medical certificate.


2.2 The cost of any separate insurance deemed necessary will be included in the charge made for trips or activities


3 Remission

3.1 Where those having financial responsibility for a student are in receipt of qualifying benefit, the Governing Body will remit the full cost of board and lodging for any residential activity which the student is required to attend and which takes place within school time or forms part of the requirements for their studies at the Academy.

3.2 On a case-by-case basis, the Governing Body may remit charges in full or in part in response to a parental request on grounds of financial hardship where the request has the support of the Principal.


4 Voluntary Contributions

4.1 The Governing Body may deem that a particular activity during school time is voluntary and collective and may only take place provided sufficient voluntary contributions are received by a particular date. In this case, there will be no discrimination against those who have not made a voluntary contribution.


5 Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

5.1 This policy will be promoted and published throughout the Academy.

5.2 The Strategic Group will evaluate its effectiveness every year.

5.3 The Governing Body will review the policy within two years and assess its implementation and effectiveness.