Teacher Contacts

We aim to respond to all queries, questions and concerns from parents/carers within 24 hours and resolve them within 5 working days.   Parents / carers can contact the Academy in the following ways:

  • Send post to Tudor Grange Academy Redditch, Woodrow Drive, Redditch, Worcs, B98 7UH
  • Telephone Student Services on 01527 830726
  • Email enquiries to the school at mainoffice@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk or directly to the relevant member of staff in the table below. Please ‘cc’ the line manager. We would be grateful if emails were only sent to one member of staff.
Member Of Staff E-Mail Address
Art & Design Ms Davis mdavis@redditch.tgacdemy.org.uk
Business Studies Mrs James mjames@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
English/SENCo Mrs Cole jcole@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
English Mrs Hyde jhyde@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
English/Performing Arts Miss Watson swatson@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Food & Nutrition Mrs Williams hwilliams@redditch.tgacdemy.org.uk
Geography Mr Folbigg afolbigg@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Geography Miss Chattoe jchattoe@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
History/R.E Mr Devlin ddevlin@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Languages Miss Thomas sathomas@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Maths Mr Hampton bhampton@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Maths Miss Clarke hclarke@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Maths Mr Davies wdavies@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Music/Performing Arts Mrs Wright twright@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Science Mrs Bates jbates@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Science Mr Fleeman mfleeman@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Science Mr Smith jsmith@worcs.tgacademy.org.uk
Social Sciences Mrs Busby cbusby@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
Social Sciences Miss Carlin-Morton jcarlin-morton@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk
P.E Miss Nicholson rnicholson@redditch.tgacademy.org.uk