Key Stage 3

In Year 9 students study those subjects that make up what is called “the compulsory core”. These subjects are English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, Physical Education and four ‘standards’ pathways made up of the following:

  • Individuals and Society – a programme covering aspects of KS3 History and Geography
  • STEPS – social studies, theology, ethics, politics and sociology
  • Language Acquisition – a study of French, German and Spanish, including the culture of each country.
  • SAS (Skills Action Service) – an opportunity to participate in a range of exciting, practical-based activities

Students also choose a combination of four ‘higher’ subjects from each option block. The subjects that students specialise in as ‘highers’ are subjects they will go on to eventually complete GCSEs in. The extra time in Year 9 enables students to be fully prepared but the GCSE content begins in Year 10.

Students must study a humanity as one of their ‘higher’ subjects, either History/Geography and they are also encouraged to opt to complete a language, which is currently German.

Block A Block B Block C Block D
History German Imedia Geography
Geography Art PE Photography
Business Media Photography History
Media Food Citizenship Performing Arts (V)
Sport Studies (V) H&S Care (V) Travel & Tourism (V) Enterprise & Marketing (V)

DOWNLOAD: Year 9 Option Booklet