Computer Science – FAQ

What courses can I take at TGAR?

In Year 7 and 9 you can opt for the CompuTech option where you will follow a computer coding programme for one term. You can then opt for Computer Science in Year 10 as one of your GCSE options.

Are there any entry requirements?

Yes, you need to be good at Maths and have good aptitude to logical thinking. Computer Science is not about becoming the creator of the next Call of Duty but more about learning and understanding about the coding that makes a computer do what we want it to do.

Can I take Computer Science at A Level?

Yes, we run OCR Computer Science A Level but you must achieve at least a B at GCSE to opt for this course.

How am I assessed?

At GCSE and A Level the weighting is 80% Exam and 20% Coursework so you need to be at exams to take our courses.