Food & Nutrition – FAQ

What are the aims of the course?

To develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of Art and Design Technology, as well as develop their own creativity and freedom of expression in order to promote individuality.

What assessments will I have to complete?

In Art and Design, coursework is 60% of students overall GCSE mark, and is assessed throughout the course. During year 11 there is then a externally set project, alongside a 10 hour controlled assessment where students are asked to respond to individual projects and create their own piece of art.

In Food and Nutrition 50% of assessments are Non-Examination Assessment, (including practical assessments.) The other 50% is based on a single written examination. 

What is involved in the examination?

In Art, the controlled assessment is two days off timetable which is spent in the art room. Students create a specific artwork or artworks, informed by their own planning and preparation. This is completed in exam conditions, however there is an art based member of staff to support students through their assessment. In Design Technology the exam is a formal written paper of 60 minutes. 

Within food, there are two Non-Examination Assessments (NEAs)  to complete in Year 11, both of which are a combination of practical and written work.  The practical elements of these are completed over one school day, with lesson time before and after used to plan, research and evaluate.   The first NEA requires a scientific investigation into how a specific food works, and the second a range of dishes showcasing skills learnt during the course.  The written paper is sat in June and will be 1 hour 15 minutes.

What topics will I study?

Students can typically expect to learn about a range of art and design movements, techniques and processes. In Food and Nutrition, students can expect to learn about the properties of food and cooking, undertaking a range of experiments to help understand the chemical properties of Food, as well as international cuisine. Ethical considerations are an important aspect of all the subjects across the department. There is a mix of teacher led and independent projects in all subjects within the department.

What skills will I develop?

You will develop skills in a range of techniques and processes including painting and drawing, ceramics, manufacturing skills, design skills, use of specialist equipment, investigation and experimentation skills, food preparation skills, hygiene and safety techniques and report-writing. The course is also designed to improve observation skills, motor skills and analytical skills. Literacy is an important aspect of the all the courses and you will learn how to discuss and write about Art or Design Technology in a wide range of contexts.

What independent study will I have to undertake?

The subjects within Art and Design are very labour intensive. Alongside weekly set homework, you will be expected to complete work started in lesson during your own time, however there is dedicated sessions after school twice a week to allow students support in meeting deadlines. Within food, homework is set every week, and consists of a range of tasks such as independent research and recording a process or series of instructions carried out in the practical lesson.  In addition, students are expected to prepare themselves weekly for their practical lessons.  This means bringing in ingredients weighed/measured out, ready to cook with in school.

What career opportunities could the course help to give me?

Artist, Teacher, Illustrator, Architect, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, the Police, Photographer, Museum Curator, Gallery owner/manager, Craftsman, Draftsman, Chef, Nutritionist, Manufacturer, Author, TV personality, Hygiene inspector, Food Critic/Blogger, Engineer, blacksmith, Product Designer, Home Economist, Food Scientist, Product Development Chef, a role within Food Retail, Environmental Health, Food Journalism, Hospitality and Catering, Bakery Chef, Consumer Research, Chemical Engineering, Food Manufacturing

What are the special features of the course?

As an Art or Design Technology student you get access to specialist teaching rooms when needed. We aim to teach a wide range of disciplines and have some fantastic resources, including specialist 6th form studios, ceramics room, throwing pottery wheels and a kiln in art, as well as metalwork and woodwork rooms, a range of bench mounted equipment, computer suites etc.   Within Food, there is a well equipped specialist room, large enough to fit 24+ students, with access to 12 double ovens, large refrigeration/freezer storage, a huge range of different pieces of food prep equipment and a very well stocked pantry.