French – Key Stage 3

Year 7

Half TermTopics to be coveredKey skills covered
Autumn HT 1Who am I?
1. Talking about likes and dislikes
2. Using negations
3. Using present tense ER verbs
4. Recognising nouns in dictionary
5. Using intensifiers
6. Using & Agreeing adjectives
Autumn HT 2My school1. Asking and answering questions
2. Using ‘on’ as ‘we’
3. The partitive article
4. Using accents and cedillas
5. Pronouncing cognates correctly
Spring HT 1Free time and hobbies1. Present tense verbs
2. Using faire
3. Using jouer à
4. Using verbs with nouns and infinitives
5. Saying ‘they’ in French
Spring HT 2My area1. Using prepositions
2. Looking for patterns in language
3. Modal verbs
4. Justifying opinions
5. Giving and asking for directions
Summer HT 1Holidays1. Regular ER verbs in the present
2. Using ‘nous’ in the present tense
3. Reflexive verbs
4. Modal verbs
5. The near future
Summer HT 2Cultural discovery1. Modal verbs
2. Perfect tense / Present tense / Near future
3. Giving presentations
4. Preparing a meal using a recipe
5. Revising key concepts