Geography – FAQ

What are the aims of the course?

In Geography students study the natural and human world. Through the study of geography, students not only develop a greater understanding of the world, but also develop a wide range of transferrable skills, such as team-working, problem solving, presentation and communication skills.

What assessments will I have to complete?

Students will complete one learning checkpoints (short topic based assessments) and one common assessment (part GCSE paper) each half term. Written feedback will be provided after each assessment and students will also receive a ‘working at’ grade after each common assessment.

What is involved with the examination?

The course is divided into three components:

  • Living with the Physical Environment
  • Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Geographical Applications

What topics will I study?

  • In Living with the Physical Environment, students study: ‘The challenge of natural hazards, ‘Physical landscapes in the UK’ and ‘The living world’
  • In Challenges in the Human Environment, students study: ‘Urban issues and challenges’, ‘The changing economic world and ‘The challenge of resource management’.
  • In Geographical Applications, students will conduct two geographical enquiries, via the collection of data in the field, which will then be examined on the application of their developed knowledge, understanding and skills. Additionally, students will carry out an issue evaluation using pre-release material and will be examined on their understanding of the issue.

What skills will I develop?

Throughout the course you will gain a wide variety of skills:

  • Collaboration, you need to work effectively in a group to complete your fieldwork.
  • Drawing graphs to present data.
  • Data analysis and interpretation.
  • Map work skills
  • Decision making skills

What examinations will I take?

  • Living with the Physical Environment: 11/2 hours (35%)
  • Challenges in the Human Environment: 11/2 hours (35%)
  • Geographical Applications: 1 hour (30%)

What independent study will I have to undertake?

Students will be set homework each week via that cover a variety of tasks from completing case studies, research tasks, revision, exam questions etc. In addition to their homework, they are expected to revise for all learning checkpoints, common assessments and external exams

What career opportunities could the course help to give me?

  • GCSE Geography is a fantastic facilitating subject that is highly recognized by the top   universities.
  • Further studies in Geography can lead to a huge range of careers from accountancy, law, management consultancy, disaster relief and hazard management, environmental consultancy, landscape architecture, civil engineering, social work, cartography, surveying, town planning and of course teaching.