German – Key Stage 3

Year 7

Half TermTopics to be coveredKey skills covered
Autumn HT 1Introduction to German1. Greetings
2. Numbers 1-31, with ages and birthdays
3. Alphabet, colours and noun gender
4. Describing belongings and own personality
5. Present tense
Autumn HT 2Family and Pets1. Describing family members
2. Discussing appearance
3. Describing pets
4. Explaining Christmas traditions
5. Using connectives
Spring HT 1Free Time Activities1. Discussing sports and hobbies
2. Saying how often you do certain activities
3. Offering your opinion of different activities
4. Formulating invitations via questions
5. Using the present tense to show future intention
Spring HT 2School1. Describing school timetables
2. Telling the time in German
3. Explaining school rules
4. Describing and comparing teachers
5. Offering and justifying complex opinions
Summer HT 1Food and Drink1. Tasting typical German foods
2. Ordering items in a café and at the market
3. Planning a picnic and what should be included
4. Explaining use of pocket money
5. Describing shopping habits
Summer HT 2Summer Plans1. Discussing plans for the summer holidays
2. Saying what there is to do in a town
3. Ordering snacks and drinks
4. Talking about souvenirs you plan to buy
5. Using future tense