German – Key Stage 4

Year 9

Half TermTopics to be coveredKey skills covered
Autumn HT 1Introduction to German1. Present tense
2. Noun gender
3. Bi-lingual dictionary skills
4. Sound-spelling link
5. Forming questions
Autumn HT 2Free Time Activities1. Verb conjugation (present tense)
2. Inversion (word order)
3. Offering and justifying opinions
4. Expanding descriptions
5. Using adverbs of frequency
Spring HT 1Food and Drink1. Expressing likes and dislikes
2. Forming negatives
3. Use of co-ordinating conjunctions to link ideas
4. Introduction of simple past tense
5. Placing orders in shops and restaurants
Spring HT 2Future plans1. Future tense
2. Adjectival agreement
3. Infinitive clauses
4. Subordinating conjunctions
5. Expressing preference
Summer HT 1School1. Past, present and future tense formation
2. Comparatives and superlatives
3. Telling the time
4. Separable verbs (daily routine)
5. Modal verbs
Summer HT 2School (continued)1. Conditional tense
2. Examining the German school system
3. Discussion and debating skills in target language
4. Imperfect tense
5. Extended text analysis skills

Year 10

Half TermTopics to be coveredKey skills covered
Autumn HT 1Free time and the media1. Reading habits, TV, music and film
2. Imperfect tense
3. Adverbs of frequency
4. Expressing preference
5. Plural nouns
Autumn HT 21. Free time and the media
2. Personal relationships
1. Family, friendship, marriage
2. Perfect tense
3. Conditional tense
4. Genitive case
5. Drawing comparisons
Spring HT 1Personal relationships1. Personal pronouns
2. Future tense
3. Modal verbs in the imperfect tense
4. Subordinating conjunctions
5. Dictionary skills (noun gender and plural forms)
Spring HT 2Identity and culture1. House, home, local area, daily routine
2. Reflexive and separable verbs
3. Applying correct register
4. Present tense verb conjugation
5. Wenn clauses
Summer HT 11. Identity and culture
2. Travel and tourism
1. Hotels, train stations, restaurants, shopping
2. um/zu infinitive clauses
3. Comparative and superlative adjectives
4. Telling the time
5. Prepositions with the dative case
Summer HT 2Travel and tourism1. Imperative verb forms
2. Asking and answering questions
3. Seit + present tense
4. Imperfect tense
5. Perfect tense

Year 11

Half TermTopics to be coveredKey skills covered
Autumn HT 1Holidays1. Discussing holiday experiences
2. Outlining a dream holiday plan
3. Past, present and future tenses
4. Conditional tense
5. Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions
Autumn HT 2Study and employment1. Career choices and ambitions
2. Job descriptions
3. Writing CVs
4. Imperfect and conditional tenses
um/zu clauses
Spring HT 1A wonderful world1. Environmental issues
2. Issues of gender, race and poverty
3. Community support in a modern society
4. Use of multiple tenses
5. Explaining and expanding ideas
Spring HT 2Exam preparation1. Vocabulary revision
2. Past exam paper practice
Summer HT 1Exam preparation1. Vocabulary revision
2. Past exam paper practice
Summer HT 2