Sociology – FAQ

What are the aims of the course?

The aim of the course is to give students a wider perspective of society while also giving them the thinking tools to analyse and evaluate the world around them. The course will also equip students with a deeper insight into the social scientific study of human behaviour behaviour whilst also developing a number of transferable skills including problem solving & evaluation to help prepare them for their future.

What assessments will I have to complete?

Students will complete learning checkpoints (short topic based assessments) and one summative assessment (exam style questions) each half term. Classwork is assessed regularly but the final Sociology grade will be based on exams taken at the end of a two year programme (A-level) or a three year programme (GCSE).

What is involved with the examination?

The final Sociology grade will be based on exams taken at the end of a two year programme (A-level) or a three year programme (GCSE). There are two exams at the end of Y11 that comprise the full GCSE grade. Each exam is 90mins long. There are two exams at AS-Level that make up the total AS grade. Both AS exams are 90 minutes long. There are three exams that make up the total A-Level grade: Each exam is 2 hours long.

Essay writing is a key component of all exams. Students must be able to analyse and evaluate sociological theory.

What topics will I study?

The topics covered in Sociology include a study of culture and identity, a study of education, a study of crime and criminal behaviour, a sociological analysis of the media while tying all of these topics together through focusing our understandings of the social world upon key sociological theories.

What skills will I develop?

The AS and A-level Psychology will help you develop a range of skills that will benefit you, whether you decide to go on to further study or the working world, including:

analytical thinking,  improved communication,  problem solving,  planning and conducting scientific investigations, analysing and interpreting data & critical reasoning skills

What independent study will I have to undertake?

Sociology is an academic subject and as your grade is based entirely on your exam, revision is the key to success. Only those students who complete all of the homework tasks and revise constantly while reading around the taught material will achieve a strong grade. You will need a strong work ethic and commitment to homework if you want to achieve in Sociology.

What career opportunities could the course help give me?

Studying Sociology at university can give you a whole host of exciting career options, including: Criminology, social work, marketing, occupational therapy, forensics (with sciences), nursing (with relevant science subjects), a career in the legal profession (with law qualifications), business development (with business qualifications), accountancy (with relevant qualifications), human resources, teaching.

Those students that do decide to take Sociology as an option and work hard at it, will find it fulfilling and rewarding. It is a subject that has the potential to change the way you look at the world, giving you a greater understanding of the human condition, and contemporary society.