Teaching & Learning


Ensuring the quality of teaching is excellent is the core purpose of our work here at Tudor Grange Academy Redditch. We believe that excellent teaching will inspire students in their future life choices and that it will also lead to students achieving excellence in their examination results.


Our philosophy is that for lessons to be successful and engaging, they should have the following features or ‘key levers’:

  • Challenge – so that students have high expectations about what they can achieve.
  • Explanation – so that students acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Modelling – so that students know how to apply the knowledge and skills
  • Questioning – so that students are made to think hard with breadth, depth and accuracy
  • Feedback – so that students think about and further develop their knowledge and skills

Monitoring of Teaching

‘Observations serve as professional development opportunities first and foremost. They are a reflective tool that support the growth of great teachers.’

All academies within the Trust appreciate that the internal lesson observation process is one that ‘develops’ practice and understanding regarding how children learn and is not used in isolation to judge the performance or efficacy of a teacher. Observation is a means of structuring professional dialogue focused on the quality of interactions and learning in the classroom. Observations allow for the identification of areas for focus or ‘deliberate practice’ that will be prioritised by teachers to enhance the quality of learning in their classroom.

Two formal lesson observations take place each year, with one of those part of the Trust Review of the Academy. Staff then participate in peer and Iris observations throughout the year to further enhance their practice.

In addition, Standards Walks take place each half term which give the senior leadership an opportunity to monitoring the climate for learning in the classroom and have a look at the learning journey in exercise books.

Weekly department meetings are used to quality assure systems and processes.