Open Evening 2020

English: 0.33- 2.57
Maths: 3.09-4.36
Science: 4.50-7.31
History: 8.39- 9.43
Geography: 9.50-10.57
Performing Arts: 11.02- 12.29
Business Studies: 12.39-14.23
Art and Design: 14.29- 15.53
Social Sciences: 16.00-16.55
Food: 17.00- 18.13

For more information email us at

Taking staff and students’ health into consideration, our “Open Evenings” will be a little different to the traditional opening evening, we are turning it into an equally vibrant virtual experience.

We have set up an “Open Evening” package which will give you an insight into our welcoming school and excellent provision.

Some of the options within our virtual open evening include:

  • An open evening film and tour of our departments
  • Interviews with staff and students
  • Online meetings with College Leaders, Heads of Department, SENCO and the Head of School/Principal
  • Out of hours tours and meetings with the Head of School/Principal by appointment only

You can request further information for any of the above on our dedicated email address or by calling the school on 01527 523088.

We want to give parents and families every possible insight into life at Tudor Grange and we are happy to answer parental questions about who we are and what we do. Our aim is to make sure that parents and students have everything they need in time to apply for a place by the end of October.

Information on Sixth Form will be available after October half term

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Lockdown Student Films

”One Day More”

Tudor Grange Academy Redditch Performing Arts Team present A Quarantine Lip-Sync

”Rise Up & Fix You” 

A ”Thank you” to our NHS & Keyworkers from TGAR #StayHomeSaveLives

”We’ll Meet Again”

VE DAY 75th Anniversary – Redditch Schools Collaboration
Friday 8th May 2020 marked 75 years since Nazi Germany’s formal surrender at the end of the second World War. This short film is in honour of those who served us. Tudor Grange Academy invited local school communities to join them in this video collaboration.

“We Will Rock You”

Check out our New ‘We Will Rock You’ Playlist on YouTube. Thank you again to Redditch Media Services for filming our Performances. All students will use this evidence towards their Arts Award and PA Qualifications.