Student Absence Contact

To report a student absence please contact Attendance Officer on 01527-830730 or alternatively, you can contact our Student Services on 01527-830736.

It is important that students attend school as fully as possible. There is strong statistical evidence to show that students who have excellent attendance are more successful in school, make greater progress and that they are more likely to achieve their academic potential.

It is expected that all students aim for 100% attendance at school and are on time to school every day and on time to all of their lessons.


Morning registration 8:50am

Afternoon registration begins from Period 4: 12:40pm.

Morning and afternoon registration are logged electronically on the school’s ‘Bromcom’ software. In addition, each lesson throughout the school day is also registered on Bromcom.

Absence Procedure

If a student cannot attend school on a particular day, we ask that the parent/carer:

  • Please call the Attendance Officer on the relevant number as listed above to report the absence. (We ask that this procedure is repeated for any subsequent days’ absence). The Attendance Officer can be contacted on 01527 830730 if you wish to discuss any continuous absences.
  • Provide a letter, on the student’s return to school, to confirm the reason for absence and the dates involved. We ask that this letter is brought to school on the first day back.

Daily Absence Check

The Attendance Officer check the registers and if a student is still absent by 9:30am and no communication has been received from the student’s parent/carer then contact will be made with the student’s parent/carer.

Students are registered in every lesson. Any student who is absent during lesson time without permission will be placed on detention after school, and the parents/carers will be contacted as soon as the absence has become apparent. If the student subsequently fails to comply with the school’s attendance requirements, then parents/carers will be asked to attend a meeting at the school.


All students must arrive at school, in time for tutor period at 8:50am. Any student who arrives after 8:50am, will be marked as ‘late’ and will be placed on detention at break time. The lateness will be recorded in the student’s planner. Failure to attend afterschool detention.