TGAR Menu Week 3

Week 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
THE MAIN EVENT Barbecue Chicken Chicken Breast Roll in Bacon, Cooked in a Barbecue Sauce £2.20 Lasagne Traditionally Made and Served with Garlic Bread £2.20 Honey Glazed Roast Ham Piece of Gammon Roasted and Topped with Honey £2.20 Chicken Balti Strip of Chicken Breast Cooked in Balti Sauce Served with Rice and Naan Bread £2.20 Fish and chips Crispy Battered Cod Fillet Served with Lemon £2.20
CHEF'S SPECIAL Pasta Napolitaine Pasta Cooked in Tomato and Herbs Topped with Cheese £1.85 Chicken Wrap Pieces of Breaded Chicken Filets Served in a Wrap £1.85 Tandoori Turkey Burger Homemade Turkey Burger Cooked with Tandoori Sauce Served in a Bun £1.85 Sausage and Onions Two Locally Made Sausages Cooked with Onions and Served in a Baguette £1.85 Beef Curry Pieces of Beef Cooked in Spices Served with Rice and Naan Bread £1.85
FOOD TO GO The Above Item as a Snack For £ 1.50
SIDES Wedges Potatoes , Fresh Broccoli, sweetcorn £1.60 Peas, Sweetcorn £1.60 Roast Potatoes, Roasted Carrots and Swede, Savoy Cabbage £1.60 Steamed Carrots, Green Beans £1.60 Chips,Peas, baked beans £1.60
STREET FOOD Chicken Wraps £1.60 Chicken Wraps £1.60 Chicken Wraps £1.60 Chicken Wraps £1.60 Chicken Wraps £1.60
HOT DELI Hot Pasta Bar with Assorted Toppings Small Pasta and Topping £ 1.10 Large Pasta and Topping £ 1.50
JACKET POTATOES Freshly Baked Potatoes Potato £0.80, Cheese or Beans £ 1.20 , Cheese and Beans £ 1.40 , Tuna £ 1.40
Also available a Selection of Fresh Salads, Cakes, Fruit Pots and a range of Cold drinks and Milks