Pastoral Care & Student Welfare

Pastoral Care & Student Welfare

Pastoral care is strong and is built upon our college structure and vertical tutor system which are key features providing students, parents and carers with continuity throughout Years 7-11. The tutor acts as champion and mentor, offering encouragement and support. This promotes students’ confidence and helps forge a well-rounded and successful individual. We welcome close parental involvement and participation; and consider the on-going dialogue between a tutor, pupil and parents of great importance.

The College structure and tutor system is the primary unit of pastoral care and fulfills the need for good communication between the family and the school. The tutor provides each student help and guidance in both his/her work and personal development. The tutor acts as a first point of contact for parents and encourages mutual understanding, tolerance and a sense of belonging that fosters school spirit and promotes the social well being of each student.

The students will stay with their tutor  for their secondary years, providing them with a degree of certainty and comfort. The tutor meets twice a day with the tutees.

In addition each college has a learning mentor who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a student’s academic and social progress within the School and reports directly to the College Leader.

Support Services

Our Classroom staff and mentors are able to offer individual and group support in relation to the academic, social and emotional well-being of all students.

Student services provide a full range of administrative support to colleges and curriculum areas as well as a point of contact for parents and students.

We have an Achievement Support Team. This team review the progress of students who are identified as requiring additional support to progress their learning. Their role is to offer support and guidance to staff, students and families regarding various issues affecting a student’s progress. We also have an Educational Psychologist who supports staff by providing advice in educational assessment and management of students, which may include diagnostic testing.

They work closely with Learning Support staff in developing individual learning programs for students identified as having special needs. The Achievement Team can initiate and liaise with external support personnel where appropriate and provide support within the school’s pastoral care system.

We also have support from the school nurse who is able to advise on health and well being related issues as well as the services of Mentorlink to provide additional support to students who may be experiencing personal difficulties affecting their learning.