Raising the Participation Age to 18 (RPA)

What is RPA?

If you were born on or after 1st September 1996 you will be amongst the first to be required to continue in education or training beyond 16. If you complete Year 11 in 2013 you must continue learning until July 2014. If you complete Year 11 in or after 2014 you will continue learning at least until your 18th birthday.


By staying in learning you can achieve the qualifications you need to help you succeed. You’ll also have more chance to develop the knowledge and practical skills that employers are looking for. That means you’ll find it easier to get a better job, with better pay and career prospects. Plus, you can do all this very flexibly: you don’t have to stay in school or college if you don’t want to!

What are my post 16 options?


An apprenticeship means you can work, and earn money, at the same time as training. Lots of skills, from engineering to childcare, are best learnt on the job.

Plenty of companies are happy to pay for you to go to college while working for them. Find out more www.apprenticeships.org.uk

A Levels

Become a mini-expert in the subjects you like! You’ll study just a few, including choices you may not have had before, like psychology or economics. After a year you’ll take AS levels, a mix of coursework and exams, and then decide which subjects to take on to full A Level (A2) in the following year. Speak to one of our Sixth Form team to look at what is available here at Tudor Grange Redditch.

Speak to our connexions adviser to pursue other options such as:

Other further education courses

There are many other courses available through colleges or training providers such as:

  • Vocational training courses
  • Foundation courses
  • Work based learning


If you choose to be in work for 20 hours or more you must also continue with accredited learning alongside your employment.

Volunteering for 20+ hours

How about volunteering in an area of interest to you and study independently alongside this worthwhile work.

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