DOWNLOAD: Academy Uniform Check List

Tudor Grange Academy is very proud of the standards it maintains with uniform. This is achieved through the partnership between the Academy and home. To enable you to support the Academy, the full uniform requirements are listed below.


Green with school badge on pocket, single breasted, two-button blazer. Blazers are to be of the green shade specified by the Academy.


Official Tudor Grange School clip on tie, reaching the waist. Ties should not be tucked into shirts.

Sleeveless or Long Sleeved Pullover Medium grey with V-neck

This is compulsory from the start of half term 2 to the end of half term 4. Medium grey pullover or girls Bottle Green Cardigan. Round-necks and sweatshirts are not permitted.
Blazer Tie Pullover


White – buttoned to the neck with enough material allowance to remain tucked into waistband.


Plymouth/Putney grey (boys) of an orthodox style, not unduly tapered or flared eg no drainpipe or skinny fitting or flared grey. Girls grey straight leg eg no drainpipe, skinny fitting, flared or hipster trousers. No other colour or style of trousers is allowed.


Grey pleated skirt, regulation length, on or just above the knee, obtainable only from school stockist. No other style of skirt is allowed. (To allow some flexibility, skirts are acceptable as long as they become no shorter than 5cm above the knee).


Plain black or dark grey (boys)
Grey or black (girls) ankle or knee length. Tights must not be worn underneath socks.


Plain, neutral colours in nylon are acceptable for all pupils along with thick tights in grey or black during winter months. Patterned tights are not permitted.


Shoes should be plain black leather with a maximum heel height of 5cm and a maximum sole thickness of 2cm (the heel height is measured from the ground to the welt up the back of the heel).

Boots, boot-style shoes, stiletto heels, sling-back shoes, canvas shoes, suede shoes, trainers, boot trainers and skater style shoes are not permitted.

Acceptable Footwear

Examples of shoe styles that are acceptable and suitable to be worn with uniform.

Acceptable Footwear

Unacceptable Footwear

Unacceptable styles that must not be worn. For example, black or dark trainers, ballet pumps and canvas pumps.

Unacceptable Footwear


Black or dark green.


Black and pinned under the chin to stay on the head comfortably. Hijabs worn around the neck only are not permitted.


Make-Up and Jewellery

In Years 9 no make-up or nail varnish is allowed.
In Years 10 and 11 a small amount of discreet make-up is allowed but lipstick, coloured lip salve and nail varnish are not. Pupils must not bring make-up into school.

Students can wear a wrist watch and one pair of plain studs. No other jewellery is permitted.


No extreme hairstyles are allowed, for example razor tracks, shaved heads.

Hair colour

Hair must be of a singled block, natural colour.


Plain grey, dark green, navy or black with no stripes, designs, patterns, slogans or fur. A very small brand logo is allowed, please contact the Academy if in doubt.

Scarves and Gloves

Plain bottle green, black or grey or the Academy official scarf.

School Bag

A bag fit for the purpose of carrying school equipment, books and folders, large enough to accommodate an A4 ring folder. The bag should be plain and not have any graffiti or bling. The bag may be either a shoulder bag or rucksack.
school bags

Water bottles

Water is available in the water cooler. Please bring a bottle so that you can refill it during social times.

PE Kit

Girls Outdoor Kit / Compulsory Girl’s Kit

Black/bottle green with logo – Haze Ladies Fit Polo Shirt

Black/bottle green with logo – Cuatro Fleece Top

Black/white – skort* OR Cuatro Shorts*

Black/white – Cuatro Track Pants or plain black joggers

Black/bottle green with TGA letters – Sports Socks


Studded boots & shin pads (to be worn for a range of activities on the playing fields).

*It is compulsory for girls to have either a skort OR Cuatro Shorts, but may have both

Boys Outdoor Kit / Compulsory Boy’s Kit

Black/bottle green with logo – Vapour Polo Shirt AND ProTec Rugby Shirt

Black/white – Cuatro Shorts

Black/bottle green with TGA letters – Sports Socks

Black/white – Cuatro Track Pants


Studded boots & shin pads (to be worn for a range of activities on the playing fields)

Optional Extras

Black – Base layer Top (highly recommended)

Please remember

Academy uniform should not be mixed with non-uniform items. School bags should be an appropriate size and free of graffiti.

The sports clothing specified in the uniform list must be worn for PE and games, and for matches with other schools. All uniform must be clearly labelled. The use of laundry markers is proving to be most effective in the return of mislaid items. In travelling to and from the Academy, while at the Academy, and while representing the Academy at functions or matches, students must wear full Academy uniform. Uniform is also normally to be worn during educational visits.


The following items are required to support and enhance the work of your child:

  • 2 x pens
  • 2 x pencils
  • 1 x pencil sharpener
  • 1 x eraser
  • 1 x ruler (15cm minimum)
  • 1 x glue stick
  • 1 x pack of colouring pencils
  • 1 x highlighter pen
  • 1 x maths scientific calculator
  • 1 x pencil case
  • 1 x reading book

Please note that for safety reasons liquid ink erasers, such as Tippex, are not allowed.

Mobile phones should, under no circumstances, be used in the Academy. If a mobile phone is seen it will be confiscated and contact will be made with the parent/carer about its return. Contact between parents/carers and students and vice versa can always be made through Student Services if there is an emergency.

If a student arrives at school with the incorrect uniform their College Leader / Member of SLT or the Principal may:

  1. Send the student home to change, having first contacted the parents;
  2. Provide a change of uniform;
  3. Send the student to the isolation room to work for the day.

The Principal’s decision on acceptable uniform is final.

Approved local stockist

The Academy’s approved stockist for supplying uniform and clothing of the required style and colour is:

Orchard Clothing
Unit 30 Dunlop Road
Hunt End Industrial Estate
B97 5XP


Phone: 0845 208 0471

Hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00

Saturday: 9:30-13:30

All uniform can be obtained either directly from the shop or via the shops website.

Alternative Suppliers

Item Supplier Description Product Code
Girl Skirts (Grey) Orchard Pleated Skirt Available from recommended stockist
Girls Trousers (Grey) Orchard Greenwich Trousers Available from recommended stockist
M&S Girls Slim Leg Trousers T761273P (only available online)
ASDA Girls School Trousers 4663028
NEXT Smart Zip Detail Trousers 120-493
Boys Trousers (Grey) Orchard Plymouth Pleated Trousers

Putney Junior Pleat Trousers

Both available from recommended stockist
M&S Senior Boys’ Flat Front

Boys Pleat Front Supercrease

2 Pack Boys Crease Resistant Flat Front Adjustable Waist







ASDA Boys School Half Elasticated Waist




School Slim Fit Trousers


Boys School Flat Front

2161079 / 2818383 / 2844877 / 2844887 / 2844899 / 3505220 / 3538930 / 3542177 / 3724963 / 3725043 / 3842136 / 4216257 / 4338718 / 5056543


1875171 / 2843757 / 2910814 / 3505236

NEXT Flat Front Trousers

Pleat Trousers



Tesco F&F School Boys Pleat Reinforced Knee Trousers Ag439274