What is a ‘Moodle’?

A Moodle is a website where we will publish our online learning resources. These will take the form of videos, reading resources, quizzes, presentations, or anything else that can be put online. You may have come across the term Moodle before because many universities and employers use the same system for their online learning.

Your child will be able to log on to Moodle using their school username and password, and click on any of their subjects, and any of the topics within that subject. This will take them to a webpage with learning resources organised in a coherent order

Our intention is to have every topic for every year for every subject covered on the Moodle. This means that at any point, in any location, a child can log on to the website and quickly see a teacher explanation for any aspect of their learning, past, present or future.

What is the Moodle for?

In short, the Moodle is an online resource that will help any child who has gaps in their learning catch up.

These gaps can arise for all sorts of reasons. It may be that a child missed some time from school due to absence, joined the school at a later date, or moved courses partway through a year. It may be that a child has forgotten something they learned in lessons or did not quite grasp something during a lesson. The Moodle will also help any child who wants to revise, or who wants to extend their learning by looking at material in more depth.

Of course, these children can, and always will be able to, get help and support from teachers in school. However, there are many times when a child is revising, completing homework, or catching up missed work away from school and the Moodle will be an additional form of support for such children. We believe that for these children, being able to see a teacher explain the content with which they are struggling, will be a significant help.

When will the Moodle be ready?

We will be able to give children access to Moodle in the next few weeks but the full set of resources will not be available for some time afterwards. As the Moodle opens up for the first time, you will find resources for most subjects that cover material for this term’s learning.

Teachers will be continually creating and uploading resources until the curriculum is complete, and we will be supported by our colleagues in other Trust schools who will also be creating and sharing resources.

We feel that opening up the Moodle and giving children access to some resources is better than waiting for everything to be complete, and giving children no access to resources in the meantime. We would ask you to be patient as we produce and upload more material.

How will my child know how to access the Moodle, and when resources will be ready?

We will spend time in school teaching children how to logon to the Moodle and access the resources. Your child’s teachers will help them use the Moodle and tell them when and where to find resources to support their in-class learning. Homework will continue to be set using Show My Homework, but will increasingly point children towards pages on the Moodle.

We know that changing children’s habits so that they independently make use of the Moodle will take time, and we will continue to support them with this. This also means

that children will be much more ready for further education or employment, where independence is a key skill.

Is there anything I can do to help?

It will be very helpful if you could look at the Moodle with your child and talk about using it as revision and support tool. If you child doesn’t understand something as they’re doing their homework, you could suggest looking on the Moodle to see what resources are available on the Moodle to help them?

We would also be very grateful if you could provide us feedback on the Moodle. We will be asking children and their families whether the Moodle is easy to use, and what sorts of resources are most useful, to try to ensure that what we make in the future is as helpful as possible.

Will anything else change?

No. Lessons will continue to run as normal, and homework will be set in the same way. Intervention, revision and other extra-curricular sessions will remain unchanged, and teachers will be available to help children as before.

The Moodle is something that will add to the provision we already have in place. It will support with revision during weekends and holidays; it will enable a child who is self-isolating to continue to learn new material; and it will help a child who sees from their exam that they struggled with Pythagoras’ Theorem to watch a video of a teacher explaining and demonstrating the material and also give that child a chance complete some practice questions.

Last but not least, it will also help us if we ever have to go into lockdown again, by ensuring that learning material is on an easily accessible, and easy-to-navigate, website.