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Year 13 – Apply 2019

15 October 2018

Deadline for Oxbridge & Medical UCAS Applications to be completed and submitted.

30 November 2018

Sixth Form internal deadline for main UCAS Applications to allow checking of Applications and “Final Five” Interviews with the aim of submitting before the Christmas holiday.

21 December 2018

Break up for Christmas holiday. Any outstanding Applications after this date are not guaranteed to be ready for the final UCAS Application Deadline.

15 January 2019

Final UCAS Application deadline.

It should be noted that most universities interview for professional courses e.g. teachers, nurses / midwives, engineers etc. before Christmas. They may fill their courses before the Christmas holiday, so an application made in January 2018 may be rejected due to a lack of places on the course.

Therefore, students thinking of applying for these courses should do so sooner rather than later. Please encourage your son / daughter to produce a first draft of a Personal Statement and hand it in to their Personal Tutor for marking and feedback.


We recommend that students do not reply to any university offers until they have received their Mock Examination results and have had their “Final Choices” Interview with a member of the Sixth Form Team.

02 May 2019

If you receive all of your offers by 31 March 2018, you must reply by 02 May 2018 or they will be declined automatically.

07 June 2019

If you receive all of your offers by 3 May 18, you must reply by 7 Jun 18 or they will be declined automatically.

21 June 2019

If you receive all of your offers by 7 Jun 18, you must reply by 21 Jun 18 or they will be declined automatically.

Any Applications submitted after 15 January 2018 will be classed as Late Applications and will be processed through the Extra System. Any Applications received after 30 Jun 2018 will be processed through the Clearing System.

Please go to: https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/key-dates or

https://www.youtube.com/user/UCASonline for further information.

Progress Interviews

All Year 13 students will soon be having a progress interview with a member of the Sixth Form Team based on their AS results. During this interview they will be advised, where appropriate, on what AS units to resit and what percentage score they need to maintain in Year 13 in order to achieve their desired grade. This information will be posted home to you during the Half Term holiday.

Should your son/daughter change their desired grade in a subject e.g. in order to meet a different university entry requirement, they should arrange another meeting with Mr Hulme in order to recalculate their numbers.

All resits are subject to your son/daughter maintaining the required percentage score in their mock

examinations. If they do not hold this minimum score, a resit will have no impact on their final result and will probably be cancelled. In this case, you will be contacted by Mr Hulme to explain the situation.

All Year 12 students will have their first progress interview with their Form Tutor following the results from the first Half Terms’ assessments.

For any further information please see the following:

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UCAS Student Finance Guide 2017

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