Bullying has no place at Tudor Grange Academy Redditch

Advice for students

If you see bullying taking place, if you are aware of bullying, or if you have been a victim of bullying, you must tell.


  • Your tutor
  • Your Head of Year
  • Your Pastoral Manager
  • A class teacher
  • Any other member of staff

Bullying can take place:

  • Face to face
  • In letters or notes
  • By e-mail
  • On Social Media sites (like Facebook)
  • In school or out of school

Whatever form it takes, it is unacceptable.

Any bullying in school will be punished.

Any bullying that occurs outside of school on any of our students will be punished

In some cases, bullying may lead to the police being involved.

Our promises:

  • To support any victim of bullying
  • To treat any complaint of bullying confidentially – unless you give us permission
  • To do our very best to stop the bullying

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Remember to check our anti-bullying guide for students.

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