Notice regarding Year 7 from September 2020 onwards – January 2020

As part of our significant change application to the Regional School’s Commissioner, our request to reduce the PAN for Tudor Grange Academy Redditch from 180 to 0 intake into Year 7 from September 2020 onwards has been approved.

Admissions Policies for 2021/2022

DOWNLOAD: Admissions Policy for 2021-22

Admissions Policies for 2022/2023

DOWNLOAD: Admissions Policy for 2022-23

Admissions Policies for 2023/2024

DOWNLOAD: Admissions Policy for 2023-24

Mid-Year Admissions

Every school in Worcestershire takes part in the in-year co-ordinated scheme which works for the benefit of all children/young people and schools. The Local Authority would not wish to see individual schools determine to deal with applications differently and appreciates schools support in continuing to work collaboratively on in-year admissions.

Catchment Area Map

DOWNLOAD: Admissions – Catchment Area Map

A larger version of this map is available to view at the school. If you wish to find out whether your home address is within our catchment area, you can use the on-line postcode search on the Worcestershire County Council website.

Useful Web Links

If having read our Admissions Policy you would like further advice or guidance on admission to Tudor Grange Academy Redditch, please call Mrs. A. Green on 01527 523088 or email