A warm welcome to Tudor Grange Academy! We hope that you will find the information on this page and the rest of our website useful. We will be continually updating this page so please do keep checking in.

Transition days are calendared for 12th and 13th July and there will also be a Transition Evening taking place on Tuesday 11th July.

Students continue their Key Stage Three studies at TGAR in Year 9. This curriculum has been creatively designed to provide a breadth and depth of learning experiences, ensuring that students are fully equipped with the fundamental skills and cultural capital required to begin their GCSE courses in year 10.

The Core curriculum timetable comprises:

  • Eight hours each fortnight of both English and mathematics, reflecting the centrality of literacy and numeracy to children’s success in all subjects.
  • Eight hours each fortnight of science, divided into biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Four hours each fortnight of PE and a modern foreign language.
  • Three hours each fortnight of history, geography and STEPS.
  • Two hours each fortnight of art, computing, food and music.
  • One hour each fortnight of DT.

During year 9, we will run a GCSE options process and children will select subjects to study for GCSE in years 10 and 11. Only at the end of year 9 will children drop any of the subjects they are currently studying.

Our aim is for children to leave Tudor Grange with strong qualifications and, no less importantly, as well-rounded young adults who have enjoyed their time in school. Allowing more time to study a wider range of subjects will help achieve this aim.

We are looking forward to seeing our new Year 9 students in July.

Welcome to the Sixth Form

For those of you who have not studied with us here at TGAR before and have not seen the 6th form area, I wanted just to give you a tour and introduce myself to you as Head of 6th form.

Can’t wait to see you on Results Day!