Remote Learning FAQS

Q1: Who do I contact for help?

A: Email and your email will be forwarded to the relevant department or person.

Q2: I can’t remember my Teams log in details.

A:  If you are unsure of your email address, ask your parent/carer to email with your name and form or contact reception on 01527 523088

Q3: I can’t download the work or resources from Teams.

A: In order to open a Word or Excel document you need the Microsoft software. All students have an Office 365 license which allows you to download a Microsoft Office document on your PC or tablet. This 365 licence also covers Microsoft forms which you may need for quizzes or tests.

We would suggest that you login into Office from the school website before opening the word document. Click on TG Applications in the top right of the screen, then select Student, then Office 365 (bottom left).

Q4: How do I access my work I have saved on my file area?

A: Files can be found in Office 365. Log into Office 354 as explained above. Your username will be the year you started school, surname and first initial e.g. 16chambersD

Your password is your PC login password that you use in school.

Select from the drop down menu.

Q5: How do I access my school email?

A: Select Outlook via office 365 as shown above.

Your email address is: PC

For example:

Password: Your PC login password that you use to log into computers at school.

Q6: My teacher wants me to upload my work but I don’t know how to do this.

A: In your class Team you will see a tab where you can up upload work or it maybe that your teacher has set you work via Assignments. Here you will also find a link to upload your work.

Q7: How do I ask my teacher questions or leave comments?

A: Use the ‘posts’ section in Teams which can be found on the tab at the top of the screen.

Q8: I can’t do all of the work set.

A: We are just expecting you to do your best. Contact your teacher if you are struggling.

Q9: I have not got a printer / enough ink.

A: The vast majority of work does not require printing. Most of it can be done on paper / in exercise books. Some tasks require online submission (see instructions above on how to do this).

Q10: My question is not on this list of questions.

A: Please email

Q11: What is the best way to manage my work and mark tasks as completed?

A: Go to ‘Assignments’. This will give you a list of all the tasks due and the date they are due. Prioritise the ones that are due first.