Students will develop their analytical skills and learn to write in a confident way to communicate both for coursework and their exam. Students will develop independence and research skills to build towards university study – should they decide that this is the route for them.


We want students to be critical thinkers. To learn not to accept things on face value and to ask questions and debate. Research skills, and an understanding of current affairs, will enrich students studying Criminology, they will gain confidence through this to respond to exam questions and prepare for a related career in the criminal justice field.


Students will have the opportunity to engage critically with a wide variety of real-life cases and evaluate strengths in trying to explain reasons why these crimes have been committed. They will meet and discuss roles within the criminal justice system with professional working in those jobs and have an opportunity to understand what their days are filled with.


Criminology will undoubtedly develop critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to make well-informed judgement and to debate ideas and interpretations at length. Criminology will develop students’ ability to think critically about the world around them and human experience and themselves. Criminology will encourage students to understand who they are, how they fit in to society and to draw on their own experiences to make judgements.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 12 Unit 1: Changing Awareness of Crime Unit 1: Understanding why people commit crime Unit 2: Criminological Theories
Year 13 Unit 3: Crime Scene to Courtroom Unit 3: Role of the criminal justice system Unit 4: Crime and Punishment