Advice for Parents/Carers

If you are concerned that your son/daughter is a victim of bullying or if you are concerned about any other student at the school please contact your son/daughter’s College Leader ( For less urgent issues, you may prefer to send an e-mail (

Adults should be aware of these possible indications of bullying. You may be concerned if a child…

  • Is frightened of walking to or from school
  • Doesn’t want to go on the school/public bus
  • Begs to be driven to school
  • Changes their usual routine
  • Is unwilling to go to school (school phobic)
  • Begins to truant
  • Becomes withdrawn, anxious, or lacking in confidence
  • Starts stammering
  • Attempts or threatens some form of self harm or runs away
  • Cries themselves to sleep at night or has nightmares
  • Feels ill in the morning
  • Begins to do poorly in school work
  • Comes home with clothes torn or books damaged
  • Has possessions which are damaged or “go missing”
  • Asks for money or starts stealing money (to pay bully)
  • Has dinner or other monies continually “lost”
  • Has unexplained cuts or bruises
  • Comes home starving (money/lunch has been stolen)
  • Becomes aggressive, disruptive or unreasonable
  • Is bullying other children or siblings
  • Stops eating
  • Is frightened to say what’s wrong
  • Gives improbable excuses for any of the above
  • Is afraid to use the internet or mobile phone
  • Is nervous and jumpy when a cyber-message is received

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