CEIAG Curriculum

In all Key Stages Careers education is primarily delivered through the Drop Down Day Programme.  This gives the opportunity for in depth learning and provision at key times in the academic year.  This is further supported through a bespoke and personalised programme for students in collaboration with the academy’s Careers Advisor.  

Years 7 & 8 (Treetops only)

During the Drop Down Day programme students will receive support on careers through a bespoke programme.  Working with local businesses we offer the opportunity for students to find out about future vocations.  Activities such as ‘Guess my Job’ bring together businesses and students to provide them with clear guidance on what qualifications and skills are needed for different vocations.  This also supports the options process to ensure students select the correct pathway.  Vulnerable students are also offered the opportunity to have an interview with the Careers Advisor  

Year 9 

Introduction to the Careers Library 

Early in the spring term (January), the Academy’s Early Help / Future Destinations Careers Adviser interviews students in year 9. Students will fill out a proforma stating what they are interested in and where they see their future career.

As with years 7 and 8, the statutory requirements for Careers Education are fulfilled during the Drop Down Day Programme

Option Choices 

During the transition process TGAR will arrange a taster day for each of the option choices.  This supports the Transition Days, where students are invited into the academy, to experience the options that they are available to select.  The curriculum is planned such that bespoke pathways enable students to study the subjects that are best suited to their needs. 

Year 10 

Choosing Work Experience Placements 

Preliminary work for choosing Work Experience placements is undertaken during year 10. Work Experience is co-ordinated by the Administration Office.  The Year 10 will undertake a 5 day work placement, currently in July. 

Practice Interviews 

All Year 10 students have the chance to attend a “Practice Interview” with a member of staff, the local business community or a further education representative. Afterwards they are given feedback by the interviewer covering both their interview and their application form. Drop Down Day is used to deliver a programme which includes highlighting good interview techniques.  

Priority Careers Interview 

Throughout the academic year Careers Adviser consults with CEIAG lead to compile a list of those year 10 students who, through Special Educational Needs, ability, attitude, behaviour or attendance, are deemed to be at greatest risk of falling out of the education and training system. These students, so identified, are given their first priority careers interviews throughout the year. 

As part of the Drop Down Day programme, representatives from the local further education colleges, apprenticeship providers, training providers and Universities are invited into college to speak to the students.  As an academy, we also offer visits to Universities, such as Worcester, Birmingham, Aston and Oxbridge. 

Year 11 

Careers Interviews 

We aim to give every student at least one half-hour interview with the academy’s Careers Adviser during the course of Year 11, with students at risk given priority; Pupil Premium and LAC students have an interview every half term. The programme of interviews is begun towards the end of Year 10 when a number of students deemed to be “at risk” of under achieving and falling out of the qualifications and education systems are identified and granted early interviews.  Students and their teachers can request an interview at any time during the year. During the interview, an action plan may be produced for the student (by the Careers Advisor) and the student may be called to a follow-up meeting if the adviser thinks this is necessary. 

Visitors from Local Colleges 

During the Drop Down Day Programme, representatives from the local further education colleges and training providers are invited into the Academy to speak to the students.  Details of all college open days (and links to the websites) are supplied to the students and they are encouraged to attend. 

Other Visitors 

Other visitors come to college to speak to the students whenever there is opportunity or demand.  Such visitors included the Armed forces, Fire Service, NHS and Redditch Borough Chamber. 

College & Apprenticeship Application 

Around December and January, prospectuses and application forms for the most popular local colleges are made available to the students through the LRC and from the careers office.  As part of the Drop Down Programme Apprenticeship providers and Colleges are invited into the Academy for an Apprenticeship Marketplace.  This provides the opportunity for students to talk directly to the providers and further gain support in the application process.  The providers also deliver a short careers programme to the students to ensure that they are fully aware of all options available to them.  Students that need further support, are also given interviews and support by our Career’s Advisor. 

Parents’ Evening 

The Future Destinations Careers Adviser is present at the year 11 parents evening to give help and advice to students and parents. The local college, Heart of Worcester (HoW) are invited to send representatives. 

Future Destinations 

In addition to providing an in house careers advisory and support service, our Future Destinations Advisor also extends their service by: 

  • Providing extended support to students during the transition from Year 11 into training, employment or further education in an effort to reduce the number of students falling into the NEET (not in education, employment or training) category 
  • Providing a job vacancy matching service 
  • Take intensive support clients to Entry to Employment to commence immediately after Year 11 and bridge the gap to further education 
  • Follow up on all Year 11 and 12 college leavers and collate information on destinations of those students 

Visits are also made to current students who are non-attendees. 

Careers Information 

The TGAR Library is an integral part of the Learning Resource Centre. There are numerous books, magazines, leaflets, pamphlets and prospectuses for students to browse through. 

There are a number of careers software available on the college’s network. These can be accessed by any student or member of staff from any PC terminal or laptop connected to the network. The software includes: 

Fast Tomato is one of the most popular online careers guidance programmes for teenagers and has helped millions of students explore the many different career opportunities open to them. It is used by hundreds of schools nationwide and is accurate, relevant and easy to use. 

  • NCRS (National Careers Service) 

Any teacher or tutor can take their group to the LRC to use the careers programs by booking the LRC in the normal way.