Music is, and always has been, vital to society. Our students will explore a range of different cultures and genres, from the Western classical art tradition to world and contemporary music. They will learn how to read pitch and duration alongside other key features of music notation and develop an understanding of the key musical elements. Fundamentally, students will have the necessary skills to critically analyse, perform and compose music.

Ways of thinking

Music embodies creativity and innovation. Students are required to think analytically about different pieces of music, responding to its intent and purpose, and consider how sound can be accurately interpreted.


The strengthening of students’ confidence, perseverance and self-discipline are vital to our subject. We want our students to be confident, conscientious and resilient performers, through regular disciplined practice. Students will feel empowered to perform in front of their teachers and peers using instruments and voice, and be able to offer feedback and support as part of a respectful and encouraging audience.


Students will gain life changing experiences in music. Whether this is by immersing themselves in a new culture, performing to an audience for the first time or composing their own piece of music. Every child will have the opportunity to be part of our busy extracurricular timetable, music concerts and department trips. Ultimately, we want our students to develop a lifelong love of music.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 9 Musical Theatre Music for Films, stage and screen Musical Forms and Devices Popular music, pop song composition Blues & Jazz  World Music
  Assessment: Performance Assessment: Composition
Year 10 Film Music AOS4 Set Work Jazz & Blues Popular Music (including Bhangra) Baroque, Classical & Romantic Classical Devices & Structures
  Assessment: Performance Assessment: Composition

End of year exam: Eduqas SAM Paper

Year 11 AOS1 Set Work AOS2 Music for Ensemble Exam technique and controlled assessment completion  
  Assessment: Eduqas 2018 Exam Paper Assessment: Eduqas 2020 GSCE Paper