Subject Overview


‘Creativity’ is at the heart of English at TGAR. Creating texts (crudely put, ‘writing’) and exploring texts (crudely put, ‘reading’) go hand-in-hand. Students’ reading informs the texts they are invited to write; their own work is the subject of discussion and then feeds back into their reading.

Breadth of Reading

Students will be introduced to wide range of quality texts within a theme-based curriculum (by quality, we mean challenging but age-appropriate). Non-fiction and fiction (prose, poetry, drama) will be read alongside each other. Students are supported to explore connections between texts (widening their understanding).


Grammar and technical accuracy will be taught explicitly – but will also be addressed as issues arise from students’ reading and their creative work.

Core Values

We promote the TGAR values because we aim to give students mastery over the tools needed to live intelligent, creative and involved lives.

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