STEPS is a new curriculum that we have introduced in the last three years. It is all about preparing students to be healthy and happy in the wider world. We focus on the Five Learning Principles through STEPS, with each topic linked to at least one:

  1. Sociology – To understand the development, the structure, and the function of the world I live in
  2. Theology – To understand my beliefs and the beliefs of others and systems that have been developed from them
  3. Ethics – To be able to decide what is right and wrong based on my personal moral principles.
  4. Politics – To understand the governance of the world around me and my role within it.
  5. Social Studies – To develop knowledge, skills, and attributes to live a happy and healthy life

STEPS is compulsory to all students, years 9-11. If students find that they particularly enjoy specific subjects within STEPS they can choose to study them further in GCSE and A level options.

Ways of thinking

STEPS is all about understanding the world and our role within it. We aim to study the world through multiple perspectives; We look at the value of life through religious and philosophical lenses. We study how the country is governed through political lenses. We investigate equality through ethical lenses.


The objective of STEPS is to develop students who can critically understand the world and are able to live happy and healthy lives within it. We develop critical thinking skills through studying philosophy, ethics and politics. We build self-resilience through public speaking. We teach empathy, tolerance and respect through studying different religious and political ways of thinking.


Every child will have the opportunity to learn in multiple ways. We also offer opportunities for active learning in and out of school; Lessons are regularly based around big questions and students are encouraged to take part in debates. Students are given public speaking assignments where they must present to the class. Year eight students are offered the opportunity to visit Parliament.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 9  Citizenship/ Is anyone born evil Does God exist?/ World religions Morality/ Citizenship
Year 10  Wider world Sexual Health Money management



Year 11  Relationships



Philosophy and ethics Philosophy and ethics