As an Academy we take attendance and punctuality very seriously. The following table shows the amount of valuable learning time that is missed due to poor school attendance:

We would like to remind you of our expectations when your son or daughter is absent from school or you wish to take leave of absence in term time.


All students must arrive in school, in time for registration at 8:50am. Any student who arrives after 8:50am but before 9:10am will be marked as ‘late’ and will be placed in detention at lunch time. Any student who arrives to school past 9:20am will be marked as “absent” for the am registration.

Absences Procedure

If your child is ill and unable to attend school, a parent/carer must telephone the Attendance Officer 01527830730 or email or first thing in the morning, on every day of absence.

Daily Absence Check

Each day registers will be checked and if a pupil is absent and no communication has been received from the pupil’s parent/carer then a phone call will be made to ascertain the whereabouts of the pupil for that day.

The Academy’s AWO may call at your home to discuss your child’s absence if there is a concern regarding attendance or the reason given for absence is not acceptable. The visit may be carried out unannounced.

Leave of Absence

If a pupil needs to attend a medical appointment, a letter or appointment slip must be brought in from home. In the case of text message appointments, a screen shot of the appointment will suffice please email to This should be shared with the pupil’s tutor, and Student Services. All pupils must sign out when leaving school, stating the reason for leaving.

Religious Observations and Funerals

A leave of absence form, which can be obtained from Student Services or at the bottom of this page, should be completed and returned to Student Services. By completing the form, we will know where your child is and there will be no necessity to disturb your day.

Family Holiday

Leave will not be granted for family holidays unless under exceptional circumstances. Requests for leave of absence must be made on the Academy’s official leave of absence form, which can be obtained from Student Services or at the bottom of this page. When completed, the form should be returned to the Attendance Officer for it to be passed on to the Principal for their decision. You will be notified of the Principal’s decision in writing. When leave of absence has not been authorised, a referral will be made to County for a Penalty Notice to be issued.

Persistent Absence

The Academy reviews pupils’ attendance and punctuality on a regular basis, whether it be authorised or unauthorised absence. If a pupil’s attendance falls below 95%, we will start our Tudor Grange Academy Trust attendance interventions. The interventions are intended to support parents/carers and pupils to improve school attendance. The interventions will be in the form of letters, phone calls and meetings, depending on the level of concern. If these interventions fail and attendance continues to fall, we may have to refer the case to the Local Authority Education Department for them to consider legal action. Information regarding legal action can be found in the leaflet below.

AAA Poster

Legal Information Leaflet for Parents and Carers

Academy Day

The day starts at 08:50 and finishes at 15:20. Please note, a register is taken in every lesson.

The day starts at 08.50 and finishes at 15.20, this equates to 32.5 hours a week. In addition there is an after-school homework club that runs until 4.30 Monday- Thursday.

Times of the Day

9:10-9:30amForm Reading
09:30-10:30amPeriod 1
10:30-10:50Morning Break
10:50-11:50amPeriod 2
11:50-12:50pmPeriod 3
12:50-1:30pmLunch Break
1:30-2:30pmPeriod 4
 2:30pm-3:20pmPeriod 5