Our mission is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to thrive in the future. We aim to ensure our pupils succeed academically and that they become responsible, interesting and informed citizens who can make a positive contribution to society. We strive to ensure that all students aspire to reach their full potential and set themselves ambitions goals for the future. We have designed our varied and innovative curriculum to meet the needs of a wide range of students. This means that students can choose to follow a very traditional academic A-level path or they can take a more vocational path, choosing courses that build practical skills at the same time as developing their academic abilities.

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme at TGAR forms a core part of the Sixth Form curriculum. Enrichment takes place throughout the week and some participation is compulsory. Students are expected to attend 3 additional hours’ enrichment in addition to their academic timetable, but they are encouraged to do more.

Like the enrichment programme lower down the Academy, the programme provides a range of activities designed to:

  • Extend students education and personal growth beyond the academic side of school life.
  • Enable students to develop their personal, sporting and social interests.
  • Help support student’s career aspirations by gaining relevant experience.
  • Help students realise their potential and develop new interests.

In order to get the most out of the programme, students are encouraged to participate in a range of activities across the year, both in group situations and as individuals selecting across 3 option blocks. These are:

  • TGAR Leader
  • Leadership & Community
  • Development

In addition to this, there is:

  • Academic Enrichment ( linked with curriculum and in private study time)
  • Trips and residential activities.
  • All Year 12 are allocated 1 week in July to undertake work experience.

Year 12

Biology (AQA 7401)Maths (Pearson 9FM0)Criminology


(WJEC Level 3 Certificate)

Health & Social (Pearson Btec)Sociology (AQA 7192)Business Studies A level (AQA 7132)
Business (Pearson Btec)Media Studies (EduqasPsychology (AQAPerforming Arts (Pearson Btec)Sport (Pearson Btec) 

+ Solihull Moors only sports diploma as an extra option F

Year 13

Performing Arts (Pearson Btec)Health & Social (Pearson Btec)Criminology (WJEC Level 3 Certificate)Applied Science (Pearson Btec)Art (AQA 7201)Business Studies A level (vertical)


(AQA 7132)

Sociology (AQA 7192)Sport (Pearson Btec)Media Studies (EduqasMaths (Pearson 9MA0)Business Studies (AQA 7132) 
Travel & Tourism Pearson Btec)Geography (AQA 7037)Psychology (AQA 7182) English Literature (AQA 7712A)