Our vision is that all Tudor Grange Academy Redditch students who have ASD will receive a personalised education which enables them to reach their potential academically and equips them with skills to engage in society as active citizens.

Mission Statement

We endeavor to work with students, their families and external agencies to promote effective education and support for all of our students on the autism spectrum.

The Base

We have a dedicated area which comprises of seven rooms. Some of these rooms are organised using T.E.A.C.H.H. methods.

The Tutor Area

The Tutor Area is where Tutorial takes place each day. It has comfy seats to create a more informal setting where aspects of social skills can be practiced each day. Cupboards with individual trays are located here  to aid students with organisation. There is a notice board for students to be informed and reminded of events and any changes to daily routines that are approaching. Their visual time tables and an Autism awareness board are also displayed here.

The Computer Room

The Computer Room is a small classroom with computers and individual workstations for research, course work and homework.

Three Intervention Rooms

These rooms are used mainly for social skills and interventions with several distinct areas, to help students identify relevant skills. There is a large table space for eating, and well stocked bookcases. We also have a projector  connected to a Wii console that can be used at lunch times.

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is allocated as an ‘escape space’, used when students feel overwhelmed and over anxious. They can enter it in order to calm down, or as a space to feel safe in. It is equipped with bean bags and a punch bag. There is always a member of staff in the Base so no student would be in there unsupervised.


The base is managed day to day full time and staffed by specialist support assistants, who support students both within the Base and in mainstream classes.


Students are usually recommended for a place in the Base following consultation with the Access and Inclusion Team from Worcestershire Local Authority and parent/carers. Students receive a personalised learning program according to their need, with time spent in mainstream lessons and in the Base, both with and without support if appropriate. We offer a range of interventions for social skills, life skills and emotional management. Students have weekly Speech and Language Therapy delivered by Worcestershire PCT and their speech and language targets are reiterated daily by Base staff.

Students register in the Base as a vertical tutor group so that they can get organised for the school day. They all have homework lessons allocated into their timetable where they can complete homework or coursework with support.