The aim of Home Learning is for the student to be fully prepared for the subject knowledge, content and learning that will be taking part in the following lesson. This will enable students and staff to maximise the quality of learning, teaching and progress during directed lesson time.

If a student completes an hour’s Home Learning per night for five years it is the equivalent of an extra school year. It can help students to make more rapid progress in learning and it gives the most enthusiastic students the opportunity to apply their passion and gain a deeper insight into the subject.

At Tudor Grange Academy Redditch it is our expectation that students record Home Learning tasks in their planners and ensure their understanding of the tasks. They should complete all work set to the best of their ability hand the work in by the deadline set by their teacher.

As parents or carers you can support your child by providing a peaceful, suitable place in which your son/daughter can do their Home Learning, expecting deadlines to be met and check that they are and signing your child’s planner once a week.

Indicative Timetables

We expect students to complete the following approximate amount of home learning each night. Please remember that this is merely indicative and will be subject to some variability based on the topic being taught.

Year 8/9               About 30-45 minutes per night

Year 11/12        About 1 hour 30 minutes per night

Year 12/13        Are expected to have one hour of homework for every lesson taught

Year 8/9 SubjectNumber of tasks per weekTotal time in minutes per week
Science – Biology, Chemistry & Physics (on rotation)22 x 30
Languages22 x 30
PSE (as appropriate)130
 TotalApprox: 7.5 – 8 hours per week
Year 10 & 11 SubjectNumber of tasks per weekTotal time in minutes per week
Double Science3 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)3 x 45
Triple Science3 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)3 x 45
Single Option Subjects4 (1 homework task per topic)4 x 45
Double Option Subjects22 x 45
 TotalApprox: 9 hours 25 minutes

Years 12 and 13

The students are not given a Home Learning timetable but teaching staff are expected to set work on a regular basis for their teaching groups. The guideline is an extra hour of Home Learning and independent learning for every taught hour.