Cashless Catering

Tudor Grange Academy Redditch has a cashless catering system which provides a fast and efficient service during meal and break times. The system does not require the student to carry an identification card but makes use of a biometric scan in order to establish the identification of the student when selecting a meal. The system does not store any biometric data other than an algorithm which is calculated during the biometric scan. This data does not leave the school and it is not possible to create a fingerprint from this stored information.

Payments can be made online using Parent Pay however, for those who do not wish to use Parent Pay, there are Paypoint cards available upon request.


Please select the link above for our Autumn and Spring 2022.23 menu.

A student’s typical choice can be a meal deal for £2.50 containing a drink, main meal, and pudding. A Pizza slice at £1.25, or they have a selection of baguettes available for £1.95.

If a student is entitled to a Free School Meal, they can purchase 2 slices of toast at break and for lunch they can purchase a drink, main meal, and a pudding.

They also have access to our popular Hydration Station for a drink of infusion water.