Careers advice at Tudor Grange Academy Redditch

We want to help all of our students strive to be the best that they can be and we want to support them as they prepare to join the world of work or further study.

Ensuring that students have a clear idea of what they would like to do when they finish school is a critical aspect of our work and we put a number of mechanisms into place to support students as they progress through the school.

PSHE Programme (Years 9-13)

The personal, social and health education (PSHE) programme is where students develop their understanding of a range of issues that affect their lives.  In all years, there is a focus on careers education.  We gear the programme to the particular point in the students education, but are always mindful that some students do not necessarily have a clear view about their future.

The following summary illustrates what aspect of careers education students focus on in each year.

Year 9: What are the options when you are 16?  What GCSE options should you take?

Year 10: What qualifications will you need for Sixth Form, for College, for apprenticeships?

Year 11: Applying for courses.  Applying for jobs.  Interview techniques, preparing a CV.

Year 12/13: Applying to university.  The UCAS process.  Student finance and support.


One of the most important aspects of the support we provide is the ‘Future Choices Evening’ in the spring term of students’ Year 10.  In this evening, presenters from local colleges, employers and apprenticeship providers join with school staff to inform students of the various pathways that students can follow.

During the course of Year 10 and 11 we invite presenters in from New College and from local apprenticeship providers to speak in assembly, in order to support students who do not anticipate joining sixth form.

We have further assemblies in both Year 9 and Year 11 by subject teachers to support students make appropriate GCSE and ‘A’ Level courses.

Visits and Speakers

We have a range of visits and speakers to support students in their career/education choices over their time at the school.

Careers Advice

Some students have difficulty in deciding on their ‘next steps’ or, if they have, may struggle with completing application forms or preparing supporting evidence.  We employ a Careers advisor in order to be able to support such students.  Our advisor is available through appointments which may be made via the year office.  In addition, our family support officer is an experienced careers advisor and is also available to support students who are unsure of their future choices.

Careers Library

We have a fully stocked careers section of our library.   Students may find details of apprenticeships, further and higher education courses and employment routes, as well as information regarding application procedures and support.  The careers library also has computers which students may use to conduct research or to complete and make applications


There a number of useful websites that may help students and their parents/carers when selecting option choices at GCSE and ‘A’ Level and when considering future careers:

E-Clips has thousands of up to date ‘on-line’ leaflets on a huge range of careers as well as a section to help you choose the best career for you.  You will need a password to use this.  Please see the posters around school.

The National Careers Service website provides comprehensive details of career requirements and education pathways.  A great starting point for students who are not sure of their future direction.

The Connexions website has details of career requirements and pathways.

Advice on university application and course requirements

The ‘Fast Tomato’ website is a simple and fun way of helping students to identify their preferred way of working, interests and future aspirations.  After completing the various questionnaires, Fast Tomato will generate a number of statements which students can use to express a preference about which of the two recommended pathways they would like to select their options from.